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Do you run an organization of 2 or more people?

Employees have a massive impact on the outward appearance of their employers. Whether that is a negative review on a hiring website or complaining to their friends about how overworked they are, you have to get ahead of your culture and flip the narrative.

Mashman Consulting Group will consult and train your team members in a one-to-many setting on how they can leverage their personal brands to actually grow your organization's reputation and revenue outside of the workplace. We refer to this as Internal Marketing.

Members of your team can be added to the Mashman Consulting Group's Resource Library upon request or at scale. 

Mashman Consulting Group can also be hired to individually consult with one or more employees, including executive teams to position them as front-facing public figures of the company. These are priced as normal sessions.

To learn more, email us at to schedule a free call!

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