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We help public figures who want to be followed, in demand, and respected, optimize and scale their personal brands.

Mashman Consulting Group is a privately held consulting firm that specializes in personal branding and individual reputation management. A personal brand when leveraged can result in countless benefits such as more awareness, business, and opportunities; this is the reason we exist.


MCG's unique strategies in brand development and marketplace positioning help develop and direct the audience and reputation of our clients, while also offering continuing counsel, support, and training for both emerging and established public figures.

Mashman Consulting Group was founded by Isaac Mashman in 2024 and is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas but serves its clients internationally.

No fake followers.
No paid press.
No empty promises. 

We have worked with authors, actors and actresses, business owners, comedians, content creators, executives, models, musicians, podcasters, and many other verticals to solve their highest value problem pertaining to their personal brand and get more results, the right way and faster.

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